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  1. Risa Steward    Get A Room No Business Address Available Jun 19 2012 via website

    What Happened

    We booked through Kayak and got a double charge through the Ramada Inn and a company called Get A Room.com; the room had ants, it smelled of vomit, the ceiling was falling apart, the shower stall was falling apart, the furniture was rotted, the linens were gross and the curtain rods were falling off the wall. We asked to be moved but they said that they were booked but would take care of these issues; they never did.

    Not only did we get charged once but twice for a substandard room. Ramada took care of the charges but we didn't even book through Get A Room and they haven't found our reservation.

    I Spoke With

    Customer service

    What It Would Take to Resolve This

    We would like a full refund; this room should have never been rented out. We already spoke w/the Ramada and they gave us a full refund. We were also told through Kayak that there are zero fees. We will never book through this company again and I want every one to know not to use them if they don't rectify this situation.

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Get A Room

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