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  1. Peter Lawrence  vs.  Delta Air Lines Inc 1030 Delta Boulevard Atlanta, GA United States Aug 30 2011 via website

    What Happened

    Delta is lousy at admitting when they make mistakes or their website has problems. Even as a PLATINUM Elite customer one has to suffer. This is not the first time I have come up against this. I am convinced they saved the wrong date for my return trip on a reservation but cannot prove this. The web site supposedly give the ability to change the date. But with 25 to 30 tries in the last 24 hours I get the same message -- try again later. Yet Delta refuses to acknowledge their has been a problem with the web site either when I made the original reservation or now. Shame on Delta!

    I Spoke With

    Medallion Desk at Delta ConactUs.Delta

    What It Would Take to Resolve This

    At least admit their web site did and still does have problems they have not fixed!

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Delta Air Lines Inc

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