Merchant Guide

How to Turn Gripes into Cheers

Step 1: Claim your business and fill in your contact info
  • Ensure all your business information is accurate
  • Add the e-mail address you would like gripes or cheers routed to.
Step 2: Acknowledge receipt of each gripe with a reply to the customer
  • Say you're sorry.  A simple apology goes a long way.
  • Let the customer know that you are working on a solution.
  • This immediately puts the gripe status to “in process” which helps your gripe response rating. (coming soon)
Step 3: Come back with your best offer to resolve each gripe
  • Remember every resolved gripe becomes a cheer that spreads through the network promoting your company!
  • Remember that customers that have had their problems resolved often become the biggest loyal fans of your company.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will Gripe add value to my business?

Gripe lets you quickly hear about and resolve problems your customers are having, so they turn into cheers.

Converting unhappy customers who are spreading gripes (net detractors), into happy ones who are spreading cheers about your company (net promoters) is a great way to grow your business while doing the right thing.

Word-of-mouth is powerful. Gripe helps you harness it to your benefit!

How is Gripe different than Yelp, Citysearch or Google Places?

Gripe is not a review site. We are focused on positive outcomes and complaints resolution. We look at each gripe as an incident that can and should be resolved into a cheer.

That is why on every gripe we ask the user 'What would it take to earn your cheer?' We want to help merchants earn positive cheers out of every negative situation that arises.

What exactly is a gripe in your system?

A gripe is a customer-report of a specific incident with a merchant. It contains details of the incident, along with photos and, many times, a specific demand from the customer about what needs to happen to resolve the situation and earn a cheer.

Each gripe has its own unique tracking number and url and is designed to be shared and commented on via social media and to be forwarded to responsible merchants so it can be resolved.

In fact, every gripe immediately spreads through the friends and followers of whoever started it and keeps spreading until it is resolved, at which time it becomes a cheer for all to see!

What exactly is a cheer in your system?

A cheer is either a gripe that has been resolved, or just praise for a business that has done something extraordinary.

Just like a gripe, a cheer spreads through the friends and followers of whoever shared it and encourages others to keep spreading the good word. Therefore, cheers are authentic and invaluable as word-of-mouth endorsement for a buisness.

How do I know that a person starting a gripe is real?

Gripe requires all customers to post gripes or cheers using their facebook or twitter credentials.

Fake accounts have no friends and followers, and therefore fake gripes or cheers will not spread.

How will Gripe notify me of customer gripes or cheers?

Once you have claimed your account, you will be able to specify an email to instantly receive a copy of all gripes or cheers.

How do I claim my merchant account on Gripe?

You should search for your business by name (making sure you have set your location correctly before searching). Then click on the 'Are you the Manager?' link and follow the instructions.

Is there a cost for claiming my merchant account on Gripe?

Currently we charge a nominal one-time fee which allows us to verify accounts and reduce fraud.

Can I provide feedback to Gripe?

Of course! We'd love to hear what you think and how to improve the service.

Please send feedback to: