We are looking for a great senior developer to join our engineering team. This is a ground floor opportunity to join the team and serial entrepreneur Farhad Mohit (BizRate, Shopzilla) on what's sure to be a fun ride.

The right candidate will be someone who is able to work with a small distributed team of developers, code (mostly Java) on our front- and back-ends (mostly jQuery, GWT and AppEngine).

Our development environment relies heavily on continuous deployment. We focus on rapid iteration so we don't spend too much time building things that people don't need. You'll have to figure out how to build big features behind the scenes, then feel the joy of flipping a switch and seeing things go live immediately to our visitors!

What do we do?

Gripe on the View as featured on ABC's The View

We are building two compelling apps:

  • is a much better Better Business Bureau for the age of social networking, allowing people to constructively complain with the help of their friends and followers
  • will be the "like" button for the real world, an app that enables people to use their word-of-mouth power to share praise about any location or service provider with their friends, followers and the management of the location
  • Together these apps will be a fun and easy way for people to tap into their word-of-mouth power and social influence onine feel powerful wherever they go in the real world
Who are we looking for?

People who...

  • Are on top of their respective fields and acknowledged as an expert
  • Have interests in a wide variety of related and unrelated areas
  • Can work well in unstructured, distributed environments
  • Are quick learners, curious and have can-do attitudes
  • Have great communication and inter-personal skills
  • Are enthusiastic about applying their skills to solving interesting, real-world problems
  • Are not just looking for a job, but excited about building something new and great

We're looking for experienced Java/web developers that are willing to work on any part of our products and take ownership of parts of our infrastructure as needed.

  • BS or MS in Computer Science/Engineering (or equivalent real-world experience)
  • 5+ years software development experience
  • Serious skills in Java, Javascript, HTML, CSS
Other stuff we use

You don't have to know these technologies, but you will have to learn them up on the job:

  • This is a ground-floor opportunity to join the team of one of the most promising start-ups in LA
  • Salary + equity
  • We're a distributed company, but most of us are in the LA area, so we get together frequently
  • You can work from / near your home and don't have to waste time, energy and money to get to one central workplace everyday, only to IM / phone your colleagues down the hall
  • We don't have a serious office expense, so we can provide each employee with a stipend to help offset their rent / mortgage expenses
  • Paid vacation and holidays
  • Medical coverage.
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