About Us

Gripe is a much better, Better Business Bureau for the Twitter-age. We use your online word-of-mouth power on social networks and review sites to help get your complaints in the real world heard and resolved!

By resolving gripes businesses earn public cheers and priceless positive word-of-mouth that spreads through a customer's friends, followers and beyond. So everyone wins!

Why Gripe?

Because word-of-mouth is powerful and you are increasingly connected to other people on the web. So, we wanted to create an app that lets you harness your online word-of-mouth-power (or womp) and wield it as a carrot or as a stick to get the service you deserve!

What is Gripe?

Gripe is a free location-aware mobile app that helps you use your word-of-mouth power to get complaints about any of the 100 million+ local businesses or service providers worldwide (restaurants, hotels, bars, plumbers, attorneys, etc.), heard and resolved, maybe even on the spot!

Who is Gripe?

Gripe was launched by a team of internet veterans who founded BizRate.com, Shopzilla, and DotSpots (well, we actually pivoted DotSpots into Gripe :)

You can find our bios here.

When was Gripe started?

Gripe was founded in April 2010. (We're still a baby!)

Where is Gripe?

Gripe is a totally distributed company. We’re 6 people in Los Angeles, and Calgary. Everyone works at home and Gripe pays a piece of each person’s mortgage to boot… (yes, that's cooler than Google’s cafeteria! ;-)

How is Gripe?

We’re fine, thank you... (but always looking for talent…)

If you’re an all-star looking for a challenge, check out our jobs page.

Feedback, comments, suggestions? E-mail us: help@gri.pe.