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Posted Sep 19 2012 via website

What Happened

I bought an Intercontinental Voyager, great watch, no issues thus far. My issue is WHERE IS THIS COMPANY? The website is down and has been for months. Thier Facebook page is not being updated. I keep hearing they were bought but I don't buy it and I'm afraid they are Out of Business. I called the number listed and got a generic vm.

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What It Would Take to Resolve This

Have a website, update the public! What is going on?

  1. Michael Petrose commented on this

    Check with the Renato Watch company. It is my understanding that they bought Xo. There is nothing on their website about this, but I had a strap issue just as they were being bought out and their customer service rep told me this. Plus the Xo sales rep (Avi, see below) on ShopNBC is now the Renato sales rep there. (some info there)

    Facebook: Avi Vieira

    Twitter: Avi Vieira @yourfriendAvi (I bet she at least knows how to contact Xo)

    Sep 23 2012
  2. Corey Fuller commented on this

    I've been on FB, no response. I've called response, e-mail response mean while my watch is now not working properly either. Will not hold time, grrrr!!!

    Sep 27 2012
  3. Michael Petrose commented on this

    I suspect that the company is in that limbo area, after they have been sold, but before the relaunch. I hope this is the case as I have several of their watches and I really love them and will be interested in more.

    Sep 27 2012
  4. Kim commented on this

    I contacted xowatch xoskeleton watches and informed them of your gripe. Hopefully they'll be in touch soon. Best, Kim (Gripe Support Team)

    Sep 28 2012
  5. Philip Pines commented on this

    SHOP NBC sells both Renato & XO perhaps they may be a resource

    Aug 12 2013
  6. Michael Petrose commented on this

    I have already talked with ShopNBC. They know nothing and/or aren't talking. They have not had XO on air in years.

    Aug 12 2013
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