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Posted Aug 12 2012 via iPhone

What Happened

I went online to see if I could get a new IPhone to TV adapter since the one I had was damaged during a storm a few months ago. I figured that Walmart would probably have the item. I looked on their website first to see if they sold them and they do. I looked to see if they sold it at my local Walmart and the do as well as online. I went to the store and the item was $15 more than online. I asked why and they told me they don't price match Walmart... Prices carry from online vs the store and it says it on the website (they made it a point to show me exactly where it is stated). I went to customer service and they said the same thing. I stated that it doesn't make sense that I can purchase it online site-to-store for $15 less than if I buy it here. I said, ok, I'll buy it online now and I can go in the back and pick it up. This was at 9:40pm. She proceeded to tell me the girl back there leaves at 10pm. I said she has 20 mins to get my item. They called in back and said that if I order it, she wouldn't receive the order until after 10... I would have to pick it up tomorrow morning. OMG... I have the item in hand, I can show my receipt that it was purchased and you are going to make me wait till tomorrow? They said yes.... I have to wait. they couldn't just give it to me for he price, or let me buy online and give it to me tonight?! How ridiculous is that. I know there are policies... I work in retail as well and we make exceptions once in a while. Why lose the sale?

What It Would Take to Resolve This

I would have wanted the online price or I would have purchased online, site-to-store if they gave me the item tonight. I am always in that Walmart at least twice a week. They could have made me leave as a happy customer, but I was underwhelmed with their lack of empathy and eagerness to help.

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    I contacted Walmart Supercenter @walmart and informed them of your gripe. Hopefully they'll be in touch soon. Best, Kim (Gripe Support Team)

    Aug 17 2012
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