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Posted Aug 3 2012 via iPhone

What Happened

My wife wrote a negative review about this company on yelp in which she talked about the seedy location, less than expert instruction, gauging prices (when compared to other studios that in fact offer more than S Factor ever could) the fact that undies, jewelry, fruit etc were regularly hawked to the students. A shady representative by the name of Mary Kelley, responded by branding my wife a liar and claiming that fruit was never sold whereas my wife in fact witnessed a student paying $4.50 to an instructor who had extra strawberries to get rid of! We have names of the three instructors and 5 students present that night and all this lacking in integrity business had to do was to actually check their facts before and rather than branding my wife a liar! This is definitely a business to avoid at all cost and we will do our best to make sure the word gets out.

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Sheila Kelley S Factor

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