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Posted Aug 2 2012 via website

What Happened

On July 20th, 2012, I ordered the Icy Hot Extra Strength product as shown in the link below. Instead, I received the Icy Hot Balm.

I wanted the EXACT product shown in the picture on this link:

but instead I received this one: .

Their picture MISLEAD me into purchasing the wrong product.

I tried to email them, but they never replied. So I tried using their live helpline on their website. The lady I talked to (Angie), told me that it was still the same product, just different labels. But I know the ingredients are slightly different and the regular version performed better than the one they sent me. She also told me that since the products are considered the "same", they won't pay for the return shipping. After a while, she just hung up on me.

I Spoke With

Emailed, live chat with a few of their live help people

What It Would Take to Resolve This

If they take back the product and give me the EXACT product I want shown in the picture.


I return the product and give me a full refund without paying return shipping.

  1. Kim commented on this

    I contacted @drugsupplystore and informed them of your gripe. Hopefully they'll be in touch soon. Best, Kim (Gripe Support Team)

    Aug 7 2012
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