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Posted Aug 15 2012 via website

What Happened

I placed an order at on Friday August 10th when our washing machine suddenly died. It was a pleasant enough experience, and on top of the cost of the machine, we signed up for home delivery and removal of our old unit for $80. Seemed a little steep considering how close our nearest Sears is, but we don't have any way to get it to our house and paid it gladly.

Delivery was set for Tuesday August 14th, again, reasonable enough. My first indication something had gone awry was when I got a call on my cell at work letting me know they had come by and no one was home. Odd, I thought, because there were two people and a hyperactive defensive dog home at the time. One of them was on the couch literally 2 feet from the door all morning.

It's possible our doorbell didn't ring, maybe the connection wasn't made or something, but a knock would have gotten someone's attention, guaranteed. Either way, I told the outsourced support agent (who was very kind in a completely scripted and robotic way) that there were people home and they should return and knock this time, and I would alert my wife and friend that they'd be back. She said that was good.

Hours later, my wife asks me (still at work), "Are they coming back today?" I assumed so, the support agent hadn't even alluded to that not being the case. So I called them again and was told our delivery had been rescheduled for Friday, 3 days later. I tried briefly, in vain, to explain that the reschedule was never communicated but it wasn't happening. I accepted the delay (wasn't really offered a choice in the matter).

My wife then called after deciding the way this was handled was not good service, and was told they don't deliver on Wednesdays, they're full up today and can't make it back, and responded to my wife's request for at least a partial discount on the $70 delivery fee with canned apologies and nothing useful.

All in all a terrible experience that isn't even fully over yet and will sharply influence my desire to do business with, or let my friends and family do business with, Sears again in the future.

I Spoke With

3 different outsourced agents using surnames

What It Would Take to Resolve This

Refund the delivery fee in part or whole and/or deliver the high-ticket item before Friday, the 7th day after the product was ordered when delivery was set for the 4th day. 3 unplanned days in dirty clothes is enough to make most people unhappy.

  1. Candy Sparks commented on this

    Well hot damn that sucks... So glad I won't be buying my washer from Sears! This made my decision clearer!

    Aug 15 2012
  2. Matthew Thomas commented on this

    Wow, that's horrible, good to know

    Aug 15 2012
  3. Kim commented on this

    I contacted Sears Hometown Store @sears and informed them of your gripe. Hopefully they'll be in touch soon. Best, Kim (Gripe Support Team)

    Aug 17 2012
  4. Phil Grier commented on this

    Thanks all, we just watched out the front window until they showed up today. Definitely felt disappointed with the quality of their service overall and will be going somewhere else next time.

    Aug 18 2012
  5. Joshua D Smith commented on this

    Any resolution in regards to the slipshod treatment and difficulty caused by the delivery person's laziness?

    Aug 21 2012
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