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Posted Jul 18 2012 via website

What Happened

The worst animal clinic I have ever been to. The staff are a bunch of young girls with nasty attitudes. Cindy is the absolutely the worst of them all. The act like they are doing you a favor. I was trying to pay and in the middle of it, one of them took a phone call to talk about her car repairs on the phone. So I am standing there waiting trying to leave and she is just going on and on talking to her mom about her car repairs. Then, they wrote the WRONG prescription on my dogs meds. Cindy got loud with me on the phone when I tried to explain to her that it is SIMPLE MATH...If I have to give my dog 2ml a day and the bottle says there is only 15ml in the bottle...them it would only 1 week's worth of medication. She got all loud and said flippantly "Oh well, then give to her for a week." WTH, what do you mean?? The prescription says 10 days....what do you mean "just" give it to her for a week? When did she get her vet degree?? She copped an attitude and I had to remind her to lose it because if it wasn't for customers like myself that pay, she would not have a salary and there would be no hospital cause she was not doing me any favors. I asked to speak to the Dr and of course, he "was not available" . I left my cell phone number for him to call me to talk about my dog and her attitude and I have yet to get a call. I will never go back again. BTW, the physical is low priced, yes...but buyer beware they will get you with an estimate that is truly outrageous. The whole experience was just awful. I will NEVER go back.

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What It Would Take to Resolve This

I want a refund or the remainder of my medicine for the treatment of my dog. I paid for the 10 day treatment and only got 7 days.

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    The Dr. called me and apologized. I explained to him everything that happened with Cindy and he could not believe it. He said that I was completely right and he told me he would be talking to the office manager about her and the other girls attitudes. He told me to give my dog the meds for 7 days and to bring her back in 7 days and that he would give her a free check up and do whatever it is to take care of the problem including a free bottle of medication. He was very nice and very apologetic and he said that customers are very important and that the animal hospital values every single one.

    Jul 19 2012
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