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What Happened

My daughter go hurt in January; we didn't get a bill until April; my husband got layed off in May. I contacted SCHR.com and asked them to hold the bill as my husband was in between jobs and to wait until we had income coming in. I was told that they would reset my statements so that I would receive a statement in August to give us enough time to get some money. Well, I was told today that the director said no and to reset the statements back to the way it was; I would receive a statement right away not giving us enough time to pay the bill.

I find this offensive as there's nothing that I can do. I had no idea how much this was going to cost. My husband and I figured that the most out of pocket would be $200.00. To our surprise, it was almost $2000.00 for a cut ear for all bills. I was told by a hospital admin person that I should have gone to a 24 hour clinic and not the emergency room. I origionally went to my pediatrican; who sent me to the emergency room. May be he thought it wouldn't be so much; I really don't know but my husband was only working two days a week and only 3 hour days then he got layed off after 16 years of sticking w/this company. We are disabled vets and this is how we are treated. I've mentioned before that these people cut 12 year old mothers w/newborns a break; obviously they don't pay a big hospital bill and all I asked was to give us more time. I never said that I wasn't going to pay the bill but I can't give what we don't have. We are NOT the only ones in this situation and they don't have any type of financial hardship serviceds. Needless to say when I'm looking for a doctor or facility, I will ask if they are part of the Sheridan Corp. I will do business elsewhere.

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What It Would Take to Resolve This

Just give us more time and put us on a minimal payment plan. They are not only and they are not are only medical bill.

  1. Kim commented on this

    I contacted Sheridan Healthcare Inc and informed them of your gripe. Hopefully they'll be in touch soon. Best, Kim (Gripe Support Team)

    Jul 18 2012
  2. Risa Steward commented on this

    I called them today because I wanted to be put on a $10.00 a month payment plan; and do you know that they wouldn't do it. I have other bills that need to be paid and they won't go under a certain amount. People should not do business w/this company. They are very difficult to deal with; they don't care that people are out of work or have had their hours cut. We are trying to pay all our bills but they are not helpful. Not sure who you spoke w/but they have not contacted us. I'm trying to pay the bill and they won't let me pay it. I guess it's better for them if it goes to collection; then someone actually paying their bill. Do you think people really care if it goes to collection. If there's nothing you can do about your money situation. It's not like this was yesterday; my husband's work has been slow or non-existant for over 3 years and he was layed off. They don't want to put us on a payment plan. Well, I guess they don't want to get paid. I will put the money that I was going to pay them toward's another company.

    Jul 19 2012
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