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Posted Jun 28 2012 via website

What Happened

Facebook has changed the way that it automatically shares the posts that are shared by page administrators within their own Pages. Since every member of facebook pages have "Chosen" to become a member, the messages that are posted within the page should be showing up on members news feeds until they themselves decide to un-join the page.

Currently, Facebook is requiring page owners to pay for their own members to view posts. I do possibly understand having businesses paying for this feature, however what about the hundreds of thousands of page owners who are simply there to inspire or post for non-profits etc.

Peace in OUR Lifetime is one of these organizations, very frustrated with the these features. Prior to the changes, this page was receiving about 200 new members a day. It was growing by leaps and bounds, now about 4% of the members see posts.

For the last 7 months my Peace Partner & Founder of Peace in OUR Lifetime, Lynne Hazelden, has been trying with no results to get Facebook to take a look at the posting issues as well as the timeline lack of members interactivity within our page. There are only 1500 impressions on a +26,500 page when a few years ago when we had 10,000 fans (vs likes) we got 5 - 6,000 impressions per post. Now the post impressions seem to be getting lower and lower even though our membership remains at over +26,500 members. Our Peace Day event goes out on the official UN broadcast plus over 1000 websites in support of all of our peace partners. We have Invested years into this and now it is like we have no reach at all. Please help and share this message so something can change.

Here is the link to all of the screen shots to all of the pictures.

I Spoke With

Facebook Marketing , The Facebook Ads Team, The Facebook Team

What It Would Take to Resolve This

Please give us our reach back.... let non-business organizations reach the page members who "choose" to be members of their pages. Fix the glitches so that we can be effective in our goal of giving a free Peace Certificate to anyone who wishing to stand for peace as well as in highlighting ordinary people who make a difference every day. Please restore our ability to reach our members.

  1. Catherine Love commented on this

    Please Facebook take note, we are all very upset that this page is not showing in status updates and is not prominent nor easy to access, So if you want to know what goes on and whats being posted, rather than getting regular updates, we have to consciously log and read backlogs of posts. Please please make this more easily accessible and allow posts to show clearly as they do with group posts. Make it that people can opt out, rather than opt in. This is a positive group to promote great people and what they do. Please get the bugs fixed as soon as possible this page is supporting many and we miss it a lot. Many thanks ..Catherine love <3

    Jul 5 2012
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