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Posted Jul 5 2012 via Android

What Happened

My HP Pavilion dv7 laptop failed to turn on due to the video controller card being defective. I called HP and told them about the issue. They said my laptop was out of warranty. I told them I purchased the 2 year HP total care warranty from them. My warranty was still valid until Dec 2012. I bought the laptop from Best Buy in Dec 2009. It comes with a standard 1 year warranty. Around November 2010, HP contacted me about getting the 2 year Total Care warranty. I bought the warranty thinking I had coverage until Dec 2012. Also when I called HP to discuss the issue with the warranty, they said I can buy a 1 year software phone warranty. Why would I do that when the issue is hardware related? Now I have a $700 doorstop. My last HP laptop lasted 6 years. I love HP products and recommend them to friends and family as well as clients in the past. My gripe is when I bought the 2 year total care warranty, why am I paying twice for the standard 1 year warranty which comes with their products? I contacted HP's warranty division, Facebook page and a HP CCA (customer care agent?) But was not able to get the issue resolved.

What It Would Take to Resolve This

When you purchased a 2 year HP total care warranty, it should cover 2 years AFTER THE END OF THE 1 YEAR STANDARD MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY and not the start of the date of purchase. If I had know that, I would have purchased a longer warranty. After 3 years, it would be time to get a new laptop. If HP can contact me about how to get my laptop fixed. I don't want to throw it out because of a small part. I like HP laptops and don't want to start with a different brand.

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