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Posted Jun 21 2012 via website

What Happened

Let me just say these people don't give a hoot about the customers. I rented a truck. It broke down three times! I had to call emergency road-side services several times to get help. In total, my move was interrupted for hours. These freaking people charged me EXTRA when I returned my truck in because I was late and I went over a couple of miles (actually, nearly 5 miles). So, they blew it in my estimation. They had a chance to blow me away with their customer service over the phone, which was excellent, despite the fact that they are renting faulty equipment and the service providers who came out to help are inept or uncaring. Terrible! I will never rent from U-Haul again.

I Spoke With

I spoke with many people including the supervisor of the U-Haul in the Fort Myers store.

What It Would Take to Resolve This

They did absolutely nothing to resolve my problem.

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    I was contacted by the U-Haul customer service people and they offered their apologies for the predicament I went through. In essence, they gave me a full refund for the truck (the rental fee plus the costs associated with mileage), as well as more apologies.

    As I had said in my original complaint, I did not have a problem with customer service. They were excellent. My problem was with the local U-Haul company and the local service providers who came out to fix the problem (which did not get fixed). As I said, the Fort Myers U-Haul on Colonial rented out equipment that was faulty and they did not apologize at all for the issue. In fact, they charged me extra because the truck came back late and had a few extra miles on it beyond the contract specs. If I ever use U-Haul again, I will relate this past experience so they know who they are dealing with.

    Jun 28 2012
  2. Manuel Rey Arocho marked this as resolved Jun 28 2012
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