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Posted Jun 19 2012 via website

What Happened

We booked through Kayak and got a double charge through the Ramada Inn and a company called Get A; the room had ants, it smelled of vomit, the ceiling was falling apart, the shower stall was falling apart, the furniture was rotted, the linens were gross and the curtain rods were falling off the wall. We asked to be moved but they said that they were booked but would take care of these issues; they never did.

Not only did we get charged once but twice for a substandard room. Ramada took care of the charges but we didn't even book through Get A Room and they haven't found our reservation.

I Spoke With

Customer service

What It Would Take to Resolve This

We would like a full refund; this room should have never been rented out. We already spoke w/the Ramada and they gave us a full refund. We were also told through Kayak that there are zero fees. We will never book through this company again and I want every one to know not to use them if they don't rectify this situation.

  1. Kim commented on this

    I contacted Get A Room @getaroomcom and informed them of your gripe. Hopefully they'll be in touch soon. Best, Kim (Gripe Support Team)

    Jun 19 2012
  2. This Is a Verified Merchant Get A Room commented on this

    Risa we do apologize for any inconvenience you may have encountered. May you provide us with your reservation number, so that we may properly resolve this issue for you. Thank you,

    Jun 19 2012
  3. Risa Steward commented on this

    Our reservation should have been under Alvin Steward, Res #R52899925; They couldn't find us before; hopefully, you can find us.

    Jun 19 2012
  4. This Is a Verified Merchant Get A Room commented on this

    Thank you Risa, for providing us with the reservation number. I will forward the information to our customer care team and I will follow up.

    Jun 19 2012
  5. Risa Steward commented on this

    Ok, they finally found the reservation after three attempts; not sure why they booked the room; but the room was aweful. Is this what Get A Room does, books horrible rooms at discount prices? We looked online and what we saw is not what we got. We saw very nice rooms; not rooms that should be condemned.

    Jun 20 2012
  6. This Is a Verified Merchant Get A Room commented on this

    Risa glad we were able to resolve your reservation issue. If you had an issue with the hotel and their service/appearance, please let the hotel know as well. As we pride ourselves in our hotel offerings and discounts. Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance. Thank you,

    Jun 20 2012
  7. Risa Steward commented on this

    I wasn't just having an issue about Get A Room finding our reservation; is was about the substandard room that we received. My husband was on a 3 way call with our Citicard and Get A Room and Get A Room said that they would handle it and call us back. Get A Room never did; I kept contacting customer service; they couldn't find us. We booked this room in March it is now almost the end of June. Again, Get A Room provided us w/ a substandard room as well as the Ramada Inn. I want to know on what end can be done w/this issue w/ Get A Room? We should either be refunded. We did take pictures of the ceiling, furniture, bathrooms, bedding. The ants were too small. It was spring break and the hotel was booked the whole time were were there. Also, we were told that this was a resort. I mostly stay at resorts and this was not a resort. Calling this a resort to get extra money is a crime.

    Jun 20 2012
  8. Risa Steward commented on this

    Get A Room has still not replied about our substandard room and getting some type of compensation. We have decided to send our pictures to the Attorney Generals Office w/Pam Bondi. We should not have been charged for this room and should have moved to another hotel; which we weren't. We were four hours away from home looking at the area for a potential move. We had our two children w/us and it was spring break. The hotel nor Get A Room was available to help us. I can't tell you how aweful this room was; it was like being in a 3rd world country.

    Jun 21 2012
  9. This Is a Verified Merchant Get A Room commented on this

    Risa one of our customer care agents should have been in contact with you already. It was my understanding by your comment that your reservation was found and hat this was the case. I do apologize if you have not been contacted yet. I will follow up with our customer care team. Thank you

    Jun 21 2012
  10. Risa Steward commented on this

    Somebody from Get A Room keeps calling us and when we answer nobody is there. Not sure why they would hang up; also some one named Amanda keeps sending me emails in reference to them finding are reservatioin. Ok Great, now that they found our reservation after four months, what you going to do about our horrible room conditions where our children or ourselves could have been hurt. I don't mind paying for our charges but should not have to pay for a room that again should have been condemned.

    Jun 21 2012
  11. Risa Steward commented on this

    They gave us a partial credit back on our card and they're supposed to give us a credit when we use them for a future purchase. I will let you know when this happens as times are very tough and we haven't been able to really go any where. Our last trip was to look for homes and jobs. Thanks Gripe. Most Gripes have been resolved. This reflects the company and not you. We just won't do business and millions of people are influenced. Got to love Facebook. People talk about this all the time. Word of mouth is a great tool to share w/friends and familly. Who would do business w/these businesses? Not me.

    Jul 12 2012
  12. Risa Steward marked this as resolved Jul 12 2012
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