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What Happened

While this is probably the cheapest hotel close to Beale St if I had known how bad the service was going to be I would have paid extra to go to another place. When I checked in on a Friday night it took AT LEAST 30 minutes to complete the process. The guy at the desk did not know how to multi task so I had to wait for him to finish doing other UNIMPORTANT things and then when HE was ready I got a room (this was close to midnight btw). The rooms are nice and the location is convenient. When checking out on Sunday we had some complaints about a lady at the desk having major attitude and asked to talk to the manager. When we talked to the manager he had nothing to say but "well we have a 98% satisfaction rate and I dont believe you" to make a very long story short. We asked for the district managers number and he wouldnt tell us and told us "I own this place" which was a blatent obvious lie. Then he called security because we told him we knew he was lying and threatened to call the police on us. We got our stuff and walked out and he chased us out into the parking lot called us some very vulgar names and got in my friends face....I was seriously scared for our safety at that point. I dont ever write reviews but this was such a crazy incident I think people should know. I am determined to get a hold of the district manager. This man has a short fuse and should not be in customer service....and definitely not be a manager of this place!I know his name but Im not comfortable putting that out there...especially as unstable and crazy as he seems to be. If anyone wants to contact me regarding this my e-mail is

What It Would Take to Resolve This

I want a apology and disciplinary action taken

  1. Janelle Opitz commented on this

    We visit Memphis quite often. I will never go there, ever. Thanks Chas for the warning. I hiow you get an apology. You are the most honest sweetest person I know and I am disgusted to see you were treated like this.

    Jun 19 2012
  2. Janelle Opitz commented on this


    Jun 19 2012
  3. Kim commented on this

    I contacted Sleep Inn at Court Square @ChoiceHotels and informed them of your gripe. Hopefully they'll be in touch soon. Best, Kim (Gripe Support Team)

    Jun 20 2012
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Sleep Inn at Court Square

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