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Posted Jun 15 2012 via iPhone

What Happened

@jennameeker spent 45 mins on phone w/ @tmobile over bogus charges from an unauthorized 3rd party and they wouldn't budge.

What It Would Take to Resolve This

Reverse ALL charges and keep things like this from happening in the future.

  1. Jenna Meeker commented on this

    T-Mobile representative told me that I need to call the third party and get the charges reversed. Why do I need to call a third party company that I never gave my cc # to? The charges are on my t-mobile bill and t-mobile needs to take care of it. I never signed up to receive spammy text messages to my phone... especially not ones that charge $9.99. I haven't had any issues up until now with T-mobile. I think that T-mobile needs to step up here.

    Jun 15 2012
  2. Heather commented on this

    Tmobile has come through and refunded @jennameeker's money. Thank you!

    Jun 18 2012
  3. Heather marked this as resolved Jun 18 2012
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