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Posted Apr 19 2012 via website

What Happened

They are con artists...they sold us additional items that were already came installed on my new Expedition Limited. When I'd learned and asked why, their response was "you should have read the manual"! Has anyone read the owner's manual before even getting the keys to their new vehicle? I am afraid they are either arrogant and/or lack knowledge of their own products! Once they realized their mistake, they made promises to take care of it through their service dept, however, when it came to delivering their promises, they decided it's just cheaper to abandon the customer by simply refusing to service the vehicle that they sold Extended warranty on.....Even I contacted the Ford Motor Company, though they were shocked by my experience, they were helpless as each dealership is independently owned....that too bunch of BS to say the least! So we have this $45k vehicle with bumper to bumper warranty but the dealer refuses to stand by his product/service! Buyer be AWARE next time you are looking to buy from Mall of GA Ford!!!!

I Spoke With

Charlie, the Service Manager, Mr. Berber?, Ford Motor Company Customer Relations

What It Would Take to Resolve This

Send me an apology, fulfill their promise by fixing my door at cost per their original offer or for free en-light of what happened and perhaps extend my warranty to compensate the time period they refused service on my vehicle....Unfortunately I've tried everything to make them fulfill their end of the bargain with no avail over a year long thus I resorted to this.....:(

  1. Kim commented on this

    I contacted Mall of Georgia Ford @georgiaford and informed them of your gripe. Hopefully they'll be in touch soon. Best, Kim (Gripe Support Team)

    Apr 23 2012
  2. Laxmi Krishnavajhala Hall commented on this

    No, I've not heard from Mall of GA Ford though I am not surprised:(

    Apr 26 2012
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