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Posted Aug 18 2011 via website

What Happened

We are the owners of two Shi Tzu's and both have been patients in this center for about 7 years now. Our older baby broke his front paw, as well as dislocated his shoulder and broke an elbow. He needed surgery. At the beginning all was well, we were clearly communicated with and the surgery was performed.

After taking our baby home we noticed that his leg started swelling up and one of the stitched popped open. I personally called (It was a Saturday) early in the morning and was told the doctor was busy but would give me a call back. No call was received. We were extremely concerned and took our pet to an emergency center. On the ride there the rod that was put in his leg to hold the fracture in place started popping out of the hole where the stitch fell out.

In the emergency center which will get my CHEAR!!! we were quickly taken care of and showed xrays of the procedure done and explained that the surgeon who performed the procedure in the first place did not secure it properly for the type of dog that our baby was.

Still having trust in out vet we went back for the revision surgery - were told that this time he had a bone plate put in and should recover well. Two weeks after the surgery our baby stopped using the leg all together. Again we called our vet concerned and were told to wait 3 days to see if he would start using the leg again. He did not and we showed up for a visit. Were told their xray machine was broken and they dont know when it would be fixed. They would be happy to bandage him and WAIT yet again until and when this machine would be fixed. We did not want to wait and went back to the emergency clinic. They showed us xrays again. We were told that the bandage that they put on the dog would cause more damage to the leg and were praised for coming in and not waiting. AGAIN we are told that the plate put in was too small for the type of fracture he has and the type of dog he is and the fact that this is his second surgery and second implant. At that point we were incredibly upset as our baby would need the THIRD surgery and all of our trust was gone. Except this time we let the emergency clinic perform the surgery.

In all of this we have NOT received any follow up calls from our vet, we have not gotten an apology, we have not so much as being asked how our pet was doing - we were however charges for each visit and due to their negligence ended up with $10k bill for the care of our pet and more then half of that was for their incompetence. needless to say we will not be coming back to this Vet Center!

I Spoke With

Peter Machalak, Gill Stanzione, Surgeon Dillan

What It Would Take to Resolve This

I would think a refund for the surgery would be acceptable in our case - $3400. Appology would be nice as well since we were incredibly mishandled and our pet had to go through 4 surgeries to remedy their mistakes.

  1. Kim commented on this

    I contacted Dakota Veterinary Center and informed them of your gripe. Hopefully they'll be in touch soon. Best, Kim (Gripe Support Team)

    Aug 18 2011
  2. Anna Tilokee commented on this

    They not only did not reach out to us after this, they completelly ignored the email my husband send them about removing us from their list for e-mails and letting them know why we are no longer using their service. Disappointment all around!!!

    Apr 25 2012
  3. Anna Tilokee marked this as resolved Apr 25 2012
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