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Posted May 31 2011 via website

What Happened

They market as a hotel, when really they are a floor in a converted apartment complex. Almost impossible to find, with no outside sign (and after 30 min of walking around, talking to nearby shopkeepers, one was kind enough to call many times until they finally answered and sent someone to the store to guide us). Many things did not work right, no elevator, room was incredibly tiny, in spite of it being superficially done up in an elegant way. Not all charges listed -- they claimed it was's fault -- and misleading info about being able to add additional beds, when the room barely could hold two beds. As an indication of the famous Odessa story-telling: the sink was used for a hand-washable, and the hole at the top let the water directly onto the piece of furniture the sink was installed in, which then meant the water drained to the bathroom floor (with no drain!). When I pointed this out, the manager said that is the way it works in her house. I said everywhere else in the world, plumbing is done so that the overfill drainhole goes down the DRAIN, not out onto the floor. Light didn't work ; no hard soap, and two tiny packets were given per day for two people to shower. They tried to make us feel better by giving us a very cheap bottle of 2011 Ukrainian champagne, which we refused to drink. We gave it back, and suggested they give it to someone who would clean the garbage spread out in front of the entrance from the side street. Service people would be friendly, but all in all a VERY disappointing experience. You've been warned.

I Spoke With

English speaking manager

What It Would Take to Resolve This

They resolved some of the issues only.

  1. Gregory L Scott commented on this

    Nothing they can do now to help ME. Maybe they'll resolve problems for others, in which case those others should post the update.

    May 31 2011
  2. Kim commented on this

    I contacted Opera Apartments and informed them of your gripe. Hopefully they'll be in touch soon. Best, Kim (Gripe Support Team)

    May 31 2011
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