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Posted Apr 27 2011 via website

What Happened

Expedia tried to triple charge my account causing enormous hassle with bank and credit card. They claim I have two expedia accounts. I only know of one account. I can only access one expedia account. I have asked them to release all data that they are holding about me on their system for the two accounts they are claiming to have been created in my name. They have never explained why 30 attempts were made to charge my bank and credit card accounts. Expedia.UK are illegally witholding information under the Data Protection Act.

I Spoke With

Customer Service they refused to put me through to Customer Care despite hours of phone calls and in excess of twenty emails.

What It Would Take to Resolve This

Release all details they have about me and the two accounts that they claim are in my name on their system. Explain to me why 30 attempted transactions were made on my bank/credit card causing my credit card to freeze and the fraud department of the bank to phone me claiming that Eur 2000 had been taken from my bank account, whilst Eur 2000 was pending n my Credit card. This amounts to nearly 3 time the value of the holiday I had tried to book. We never received a confirmation of the booking . Expedia claimed no booking existed so why all the pending charges????? How long must we wait.

  1. Kim commented on this

    I contacted Expedia Inc. and informed them of your gripe. Hopefully they'll be in touch soon. Best, Kim (Gripe Support Team)

    Apr 28 2011
  2. Joe Cluxton commented on this

    An agent has contacted me and we hope to reach a resolution soon. 28/4/11

    Apr 28 2011
  3. Joe Cluxton commented on this

    Give them more time to respond

    May 4 2011
  4. Joe Cluxton commented on this

    Have received e-mail from Expedia to-day. It partially explains what may have happened but does not answer all my questions. Have e-mailed Expedia and await their response.

    May 4 2011
  5. Dan van Dy commented on this

    Where you/they able to solve your problem?

    May 30 2011
  6. j commented on this

    Expedia have offered vouchers but in light of an unsatisfactory explanation and poor response to my request for details of all information they hold on record about me I have declined their offer.

    Jul 17 2011
  7. Rafta Man commented on this

    how did it turned out? Did you get a satisfactory respond at the end? I am an Expedia user, and I am loving how Gripe works..because knowing what happen to you is enough for me to use any of the others services out there other than Expedia. SIMPLE! Thanks for sharing.

    Nov 22 2011
  8. Risa Steward commented on this

    I have used Expedia and depending on your outcome, I will definitely never use them again, if they don't do the right thing. Sounds like they are extremely fraudulent. What do they think that we are stupid. We have a voice. thanks, Gripe!!!

    Feb 3 2012
  9. Eric Dawson commented on this

    Hi All,

    Is this case still open?

    Expedia has a bad reputation and has charged my family in excess before. If it helps, I have been very happy with travelocity for years now.

    Feb 22 2012
  10. Joey Axelrod commented on this

    Hey Joe, I think you should file a small claims case. It really isn't that big of a hassle and will make them think twice before they try this on another consumer.

    Jun 11 2012
  11. Joe Cluxton commented on this

    Give them more time to respond

    Jul 25 2013
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