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Posted Mar 28 2011 via website

What Happened

Canflix has apparently gone out of business, but hasn't bothered to notify any of their customers of the fact. We haven't received a new batch of DVDs since Jan/Feb and they've been charging my credit card since then, despite not fulfilling their end of the bargain.

We've been customers for more than five years and were pretty happy with the service up until this. The least they could do is let us know what's happened to them.

I Spoke With

Noone - can't get through

What It Would Take to Resolve This

Notify their customers that they are out of business and refund all monthly charges for months that they weren't actually sending out DVDs.

  1. Kim commented on this

    I contacted Canflix Inc and informed them of your gripe. Hopefully they'll be in touch soon. Best, Kim (Gripe Support Team)

    Mar 28 2011
  2. Kai Gradert commented on this


    Mar 28 2011
  3. Martine Anthony-Ross commented on this

    I was unable to get a response from them either. I tried their contact page, email and phone (which was no longer in service). When out of sheer frustration I canceled my service today I instantly received an email notifying me that I had 7 days to return all movies. I returned those movies over a month ago, and they were not showing as returned.

    Mar 29 2011
  4. Regine Day commented on this

    @Martine: they did the same thing to me also. They stopped sending DVDs in February. I sent them numerous emails inquiring on suspend service with no response. Finally cancelled my subscription. Already ALL of my dvds had been mailed out through Canada post before taking drastic account suspension. I really liked them until they have had the audacity to demand that All DVDs be returned SS they have still not been received. Yeah, right! It's the old scam whereas they haven't paid Canada post either so they are trying to pass off their mail expense through their customers!! I've got news for them, my credit card is Not going to process DVDs that were returned in due excellent shape way back in February.

    Apr 3 2011
  5. Regine Day commented on this

    Please register Canflix complaints with the Alberta better business bureau. BBB to free. I did and it's worth receiving a complaint ticket number.

    Apr 3 2011
  6. Regine Day commented on this

    By the way , even the BBB couldn't get through to Canflix!! No response.

    Apr 3 2011
  7. Matt Mastracci commented on this

    I found some more info about who registered the domain. I've sent him an email to see if I can get more info. It's a private residence, so I've withheld the info from here. If I can't get through by email, I'll try a phone call.


    Nav Dhunay

    Nav Dhunay (



    AB,T2Z 3B5


    Tel. +1.403xxx

    Apr 3 2011
  8. Regine Day commented on this

    Register CANFLIX complaints here :

    Kristal Levy

    Trade Practices Consultant

    BBB Complaint Department

    403 531-8683

    Apr 4 2011
  9. Matt Mastracci commented on this

    Wow, I just got this from Canflix:

    Canflix has been unable to completely process your account cancellation request. We have not yet received your outstanding DVDs.

    I responded that the DVDs were sent back last month and the returns weren't processed, nor were any DVDs shipped and that's why we cancelled.

    I really hope this was just a buggy automated email.

    Apr 5 2011
  10. Matt Mastracci commented on this

    Email to Canflix is now bouncing too:

    Hi. This is the qmail-send program at

    I'm afraid I wasn't able to deliver your message to the following addresses.

    This is a permanent error; I've given up. Sorry it didn't work out.


    user is over quota

    Apr 5 2011
  11. Regine Day commented on this

    Thanks for the update Matt. I received the VERY same email from Canflix also! My dvds were ALL mailed out also. I'll be damned before they charge my credit card for ALL DVDs returned duly via Canada Post.

    Hope you cancelled your credit card. :)

    Apr 5 2011
  12. Martine Anthony-Ross commented on this

    I received the exact same emails. I also tried responding and received the user over quota email. My movies were returned mostly in February with the remaining the first week of March. I have cancelled my credit card - what a bother.

    Apr 5 2011
  13. Matt Smith commented on this

    Add my name to the chorus... I hadn't received a new disc in weeks, probably since February. And the last four discs I'd returned never showed up as received on the site.

    I cancelled my account two weeks ago and just received the automated "Please return these 4 discs" email... at least I hope its automated.

    I don't think there's any question the company has gone under. Hopefully they don't try to charge everyone's credit cards....

    Apr 7 2011
  14. Martine Anthony-Ross commented on this

    I received another email today from Canflix telling me that they are going to charge me for movies that I have already returned. Argggh! If this is an automated message why can't they turn it off? I tried AGAIN to email them, but the message is returned saying that the user is over quota. I suggest that anyone with this issue check with their bank about stopping further charges coming off their credit card. I have also posted this on facebook.

    Apr 12 2011
  15. Matt Mastracci commented on this

    I got the same scary followup email yesterday. I've been trying to contact them via phone and email without success.

    Apr 12 2011
  16. echobazaar123 commented on this

    Have we heard back from Mr. Dhunay? He seems to be the only available source of any kind of info regarding this issue.

    Apr 14 2011
  17. Matt Mastracci commented on this

    I haven't received any response. I'll try the number in the whois data for canflix again and leave a message. If that doesn't work, I'll try to find him via alternate channels.

    Apr 14 2011
  18. John Westra commented on this

    Sounds like a class action lawsuit or a visit by "representative of the class" to the current/former owner(s) "encouraging" them to do the right thing is in order!

    Apr 15 2011
  19. Matt Mastracci commented on this

    I managed to get through to someone at the WHOIS contact data and leave a message. I'll post more info if/when he gets back to me.

    Apr 15 2011
  20. Regine Day commented on this

    Thanks Matt, for all your effort!! I haven't cancelled my credit card yet (too many pre-authorized payments to cancel for the sake of 1 lousy company).

    Apr 15 2011
  21. Kai Gradert commented on this

    Is there a way to cancel (de-authorize or dispute) just the one payment with Canflix?

    Apr 23 2011
  22. Matt Mastracci commented on this

    I think you can dispute the charges with your CC company if needed. They usually try to have you resolve it first with the merchant though. I can't imagine Visa or Mastercard turning down a chargeback in this case.

    Apr 23 2011
  23. Matt Mastracci commented on this

    CTV Calgary is going to be running a segment on Canflix tomorrow - it was briefly flashed today during the news, but I recognized the site. Hopefully we'll get some more answers tomorrow!

    Apr 26 2011
  24. Regine Day commented on this

    Thanks Mat, for the heads up! What time? I just hope

    If I miss the segment, it can be seen on line.

    Sincerely. Thanks again! :)

    Apr 26 2011
  25. Matt Mastracci commented on this

    It was flashed pretty quick, but I think it'll happen during the 6pm edition of the evening news.

    Apr 26 2011
  26. Matt Mastracci commented on this

    Quick update: I just talked with Lea Williams-Doherty at CTV and gave her some of the extra info I've found. She mentioned that she went by the listed business address and there was nothing there at all.

    Has anyone received further charges on their CC from Canflix?

    Apr 26 2011
  27. Kai Gradert commented on this

    Any updates?

    Jun 10 2011
  28. Matt Mastracci commented on this

    Nope. We haven't heard anything. Site is still up - I might have to contact the host and ask them to take it down.

    Jun 10 2011
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