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Posted Mar 20 2011 via website

What Happened

Franklin Goose ran a promo offering $5 for each review given on it's website. My mother, myself, and many of my friends left reviews and were issued credits. I placed an order and they sent the wrong item. I returned it and purchased something else. The second item I purchased had not arrived to me after two months and I contacted FG many times with no resolve. I filed a complaint against them with the Better Business Bureau. The very next day FG deleted my account with them and when I emailed them regarding my "missing" account they claimed I never had one to begin with. Then, they forced all people who had credits to "bank" them for six months, and following that they deleted all credits, saying the reviews were dishonest (although they previously had thanked all of us for our honest reviews) and that they couldn't afford to honor the credits. Franklin Goose received free advertising as a result of these reviews and the reviewers were led to believe they'd receive their end of the deal, yet most did not. There are many work-at-home-moms who worked for FG as well who say that FG filled orders with their products and then never paid the moms. They delete any comments criticizing them that are left on their facebook and blog, then they block that person. They are liars, cheats, and unethical people. There is lots of talk of a lawsuit against this business. Their products are all overpriced anyway, so shop elsewhere and support honest, caring companies. Buyer beware!!!

What It Would Take to Resolve This

They didn't. They deleted my account and deleted my comments I left on their facebook. Even their phone number is disconnected so they can keep hiding behind their computer and keep deleting the people who speak the truth. Too many people are mad and we cannot be slienced.

  1. Penny Saver commented on this

    They deleted my credits as well, but thankfully I didn't lose any of my own money. I'm sorry to hear that happened to you.

    Mar 20 2011
  2. Kim commented on this

    I contacted Franklin Goose and informed them of your gripe. Hopefully they'll be in touch soon. Best, Kim (Gripe Support Team)

    Mar 21 2011
  3. Penny Saver commented on this

    Kim, I doubt very much that Jennifer will hear from them, but as one of the many moms effected by their behavior, I want to say thank you!

    Mar 21 2011
  4. Kim commented on this

    You are most welcome! We certainly hope for Franklin Goose to do right by their customers and to resolve this issue.

    Mar 21 2011
  5. Deserea Irwin-Gnann commented on this

    I am supporting your Gripe mama!

    Mar 23 2011
  6. Kai Gradert commented on this

    Were your credits deleted by Franklin Goose? Sign up here ( and show them that there are more than 40 “involved in the campaign against them.”

    Mar 23 2011
  7. Kim commented on this

    Hi all, I contacted Franklin Goose once again. I hope that they'll be in touch soon to address this issue, in the meantime, let's keep this gripe growing!

    Mar 23 2011
  8. Em Kaydos Gibson commented on this

    I support through twitter and facebook with 10000 + followers

    Mar 24 2011
  9. Staci Fry commented on this

    I banked my credits, to help FG out, then sent emails requesting to use my banked credits and they just ignored me. This is a business I would honestly never deal with again. Also, I only reviewed items I actually used and I had made a previous order with them. Way to treat your repeat customers!!

    Mar 28 2011
  10. Arash Danesh commented on this

    So it seems that one of Franklin Goose's suppliers has suspended their account until further notice... Let's keep mounting the pressure!’t-mess-mom-bloggers…or-else

    Mar 29 2011
  11. Mike Benson commented on this

    This is great information. Thanks.

    Nov 29 2011
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