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Posted Jan 17 2011 via iPhone

What Happened

A book scanned in at the wrong price. When I returned to the store to get my refund, I asked it Chapters followed Canada's Scanning Code of Practice. The response I got from the Manager and fellow employee was rude, ignorant and they were not interested in finding out if the company followed this, they had never heard of it and when I suggested that the manager should look into it , she replied that they didn't need to find out about it.

So I received my corrected price refund but am not likely to return to the local store due to their attitude and rudeness.

My question to Chapters is do you follow the Scanning Code of Practice and if so, how do your individual branches deal with it?

I Spoke With


What It Would Take to Resolve This

Apologize, follow the Scanning Code of Practice, require politeness from employees.

  1. Kim commented on this


    I contacted Chapters and informed them of your gripe. Hopefully they'll be in touch soon!



    Gripe Support Team

    Jan 18 2011
  2. Chapters/Indigo commented on this

    Hi Stephen,

    While Indigo does not participate in the Retail Council of Canada’s Scanning Code of Practice, our policies do reflect the same spirit of fairness in pricing. We sincerely apologize for the less-than-stellar experience, and hope that you will grant us another opportunity to win back your patronage. We take customer feedback very seriously, and have passed on your comments to the store team in Red Deer. If you have any follow-up questions, please don't hesitate to contact me at

    Roisin Bonner

    Social Media Specialist | Indigo Books & Music.

    Jan 25 2011
  3. Stephen Ross commented on this

    So the Chapters social media, and Chapters online have both passed on the comments to the store in Red Deer. I have yet to hear from the store in Red Deer. I'm disappointed, because it was the store manager and employees that can really make a difference here.

    I disagree with Roisin's claim that Chapter's policies reflect the same spirit of fairness as the Retail Council of Canada’s Scanning Code of Practice: Chapters will give you the correct price if you catch them over charging you. Isn't that like saying shoplifting follows the same spirit of fairness as the law? If you catch me stealing, I'll be happy to pay the retail prices? I appreciate Roisin's responsiveness, but disagree with her conclusion.

    I will not return to Chapters if the store remains unresponsive.

    Jan 31 2011
  4. Stephen Ross commented on this

    I don't mean to suggest that Chapters intentionally overcharges, so shoplifting was not an appropriate comparison. I do maintain that the Scanning Code provides more incentive for retailers to ensure their prices are accurate, than do Chapters policies.

    Feb 1 2011
  5. Stephen Ross commented on this

    Spoke with the store general manager, who was very good about getting in contact. He apologized, said he had spoken to the staff involved. He has passed the request to follow Scanning Code up the corporate chain, but it is not his decision.

    I'm pleased with his communication; and look forward to better experiences at the Red Deer store, but still think Chapters should follow the Scanning Code.

    Feb 10 2011
  6. Stephen Ross commented on this

    Store General Manager responded by email, follow up phone call.

    Feb 10 2011
  7. Stephen Ross marked this as resolved Feb 10 2011
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