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Posted Dec 19 2010 via iPhone

What Happened

Monumetally terrible service from an otherwise impeccable chain.

  1. This Is a Verified Merchant Strada commented on this

    Hi Richard & Rory - Oh dear, we seem to have let you down quite dramatically - I'm the marketing director for the Group that owns Strada... Let me make it up to you both - dinner on me at a Strada of your choice and I'll let you tell me what went wrong, what I can do to make it better and let you in on a few secrets (our own development chef/ our own master of wine/ our plans for the brand...) - what do you say? Let me try and mend matters! Jemima Bird aka jpd26!

    Dec 20 2010
  2. Yvette commented on this

    Hello Richard,

    Thanks for using Gripe. I'm sorry to hear about your initial experience with Strada that prompted the gripe. Hopefully their above response is helpful. If you feel that it has been helpful and your gripe is resolved, then please go ahead and press the "mark as resolved" button. By doing this, you will continue to encourage responsive merchants, like Strada, to answer gripes and resolve them as expeditiously as possible. This will also help other of your fellow Gripe users to differentiate the responsive merchants from the less responsive ones. Happy Holidays!



    Gripe Support Team

    Dec 21 2010
  3. Richard Huntington commented on this

    A surprising and very prompt response showed that they were listening and cared about the service delivery in their restaurants.

    Dec 23 2010
  4. Richard Huntington marked this as resolved Dec 23 2010
  5. This Is a Verified Merchant Strada commented on this

    Thank you for being understanding - we do strive to offer great service all of the time so we are very sorry it was a poor visit on this occassion. Hope to see you back in Strada soon - with or without my offer of dinner! Merry Christmas and Happy 2011!

    Dec 23 2010
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