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Posted Dec 23 2010 via website

What Happened

This past June we were in the market for a used washer and dryer. I thought Michael was truly a blessing when we bought our washer/dryer from him (found his company on Craig's List). He was nice, personable, and delivered promptly. He even invited us to church with him! We paid almost $500 for a 7 year old machine he assured was in great condition and came with a six month warranty. I could have bought several other used machines off of craig's list for cheaper, but I chose him because of the warranty and his personal guarantee that he would take care of us. Well...two days before my warranty expired the washing machine completely died in the middle of a cycle. I called Michael and explained our situation and that we were still under warranty. He said it would be no problem to replace, and he would have it done within the next two days.

Here we are two and a half weeks later...I have called him every single day. There is standing water in my washing machine. He keeps saying they will come tomorrow, and the next day it's the same story. They even give me a time they will be there but then they never show up and they never call. I finally told Michael I was fed up with being told they would be there the next day and then being bailed on time and time again. He fired back at me that people were losing their food because of broken refrigerators, and they had to be attended to first. He even said that if I had bought a brand new machine from whirlpool they wouldn't get back to me for at least three weeks. I find that really hard to believe. What bothers me the most is that I feel completely disrespected. He continually wastes my time by saying they will be there "tomorrow". My husband and I both have cleared our schedules everyday just hoping they will show up like they said they would.

I realize that I am at a loss. This company will not make money on me by honoring a warranty, so I have very low expectations that my machine will get fixed. If they finally do come through I will count this as a lesson well learned. If they do not, I will definitely repost this on every business review site and contact the Better Business Bureau. I am not trying to be rude or vengeful, but buyers should know what kind of customer service they can expect when they pay good money for used appliances. They said they'd be here at 5pm, and I'm writing this at 7pm. I called at 6 to ask where they were, and Michael said he would get right back to me. Now here I am an hour later stuck in the same position I have been in for the last two weeks.

I Spoke With

Michael Nazo

What It Would Take to Resolve This

I would appreciate if they would come to my house by tomorrow at the time they promise and either fix my washing machine or bring me a new one with an extended warranty.

  1. Yvette commented on this

    I contacted Lifesaver Appliance and informed them of your gripe. Hopefully they’ll be in touch soon.



    Gripe Support Team

    Dec 23 2010
  2. Meredith Borg commented on this

    Thanks Yvette and everyone else who reposted. I'll let you know what happens.

    Dec 23 2010
  3. Michael E. Bishop commented on this

    Threatening to contact the better business bureau will not get it done. The BBB is "OK", but a better bet is to contact the Attorney General's office of your state, a letter from the AG's consumer protection office will light a fire under the owners behind to honor their warranty.

    Dec 25 2010
  4. Meredith Borg commented on this

    It did take a while to get fixed, but Lifesaver Appliance replaced both our washer and dryer and offered us another six month warranty on the new machines.

    Jan 16 2011
  5. Meredith Borg marked this as resolved Jan 16 2011
  6. Kai Gradert commented on this

    Glad this worked out after all :-)

    Jan 21 2011
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