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Posted Dec 7 2010 via website

What Happened

The final sales price of the home we were building with Trico was different from the sales to date price we had been quoted 3 weeks earlier. We were not informed of the price difference until the closing of the sale where we were informed there was a shortfall. The difference in the prices turned out to be caused by an error with their software which had put a credit in the sales to date price that was not in the final price given to the lawyers to close the sale. They are aware of the software issue, but will not honor the credit. This issue has occurred by their admittance to at least 9-10 other people.

I Spoke With

Area Manager for Sage Valley - Mark Endruhn, we attempted to contact his Supervisor, Warren Saunders but were never called back.

What It Would Take to Resolve This

They can honor the sales to date price quoted and refund the difference between the sales to date price and the final price, along with the GST and GST rebates.

  1. Tyler Field commented on this

    We have spoken with Warren who was unable to return our call on the Monday as he was out of the office. Trico has agreed to refund the amount of the credit that was applied to sales to date price. We will mark this as resolved and give them a cheer when we receive the refund.

    Dec 9 2010
  2. Kim commented on this


    I contacted Trico Homes and informed them of your gripe. Hopefully they'll be in touch soon!



    Gripe Support Team

    Dec 15 2010
  3. Tyler Field commented on this

    Hello, we have received the refund check from Trico. Happy to say that this has been resolved.

    Dec 16 2010
  4. Tyler Field marked this as resolved Dec 16 2010
  5. Jason Chin commented on this

    Very interesting... We are looking to build with Trico and we seem to have a similar problem. Our quote from three weeks ago is different than the pricing when we decided to go into the Purchase Agreement. After taking almost a week to review our agreement, they said they would split the difference. Is Warren Saunders the supervisor for all Area Managers? I am looking to escalate this, and would prefer to have a name when I contact Trico to attempt to see if they can honor their original quote..

    Mar 4 2011
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