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Posted Nov 30 2010 via website

What Happened

Two years ago I bought a queen mattress from Ortho Mattress in Los Angeles. It soon developed a pit in the center, which now measures 1 1/2 inches deep when I'm not lying on the mattress. (Much deeper when I am.) I tried to get the mattress replaced under warranty, but my request was denied due to "Inadequate Center Support". This is an absolute fabrication; the bedframe is perfectly fine, as detailed below.

The report indicates that my bedframe has an "End To End Center Support", which is a rigid steel bar that stretches from one end of the bed to the other. The center of the bedframe is HIGHER by 1/4 inch than the edges, and flexes no more than 1/4 inch when I stand on it, which makes it perfectly level. (I weigh 150lbs.)

I was at home when the mattress inspector was doing his job, and although he acknowledged the deep pit in the mattress, he made no mention to me about any inadequate support, or any reason why the mattress might not be replaced. He also did not show me his report or notes before he left.

I Spoke With

The warranty denial was sent from Leticia Hernandez at Ortho Customer Service, and the mattress inspector was "Julio G."

What It Would Take to Resolve This

Ortho can replace my defective mattress, and refund me the $58 they charged me for the inspection.

  1. Ben Weiss commented on this

    Got on the phone with Laura at Ortho Mattress, managed to talk them into replacing the mattress if I buy a $90 "bunkie board" from them to reinforce the frame. Good enough. Will leave this open until the new mattress is actually delivered.

    The problem was evidently that the wooden slats my bedframe uses are intentionally bowed a fractiona of an inch upward at the 1/4 and 3/4 positions on the bed, to give extra support at ordinary sleeping positions. They claimed this caused the center of the mattress to sag. (which is suspect, because the central dip in the mattress was measured relative to the edges of the bed, not the "raised" 1/4 and 3/4 points.) Also, they claim that a bedframe without a physical center post for support can void the warranty. Anyway, tentatively resolved, will update soon.

    Nov 30 2010
  2. Yvette commented on this

    I contacted Ortho Mattress and informed them of your gripe. Hopefully they’ll be in touch soon.



    Gripe Support Team

    Dec 13 2010
  3. Ben Weiss commented on this

    New replacement mattress delivered, old one taken away. I consider the matter resolved!

    Dec 24 2010
  4. Ben Weiss marked this as resolved Dec 24 2010
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