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Posted Nov 25 2010 via website

What Happened

In July 2008 I purchased a 2008 Dodge Calliber . I immediately noticed a noise comming from the right front wheel , which I reported everytime I brought the car in for servicing. Each time I was told they couldn`t find anything. Finally in September 2010 on my last servicing I was told the tie rod ends and strut had to be replaced. AND I needed a new transmission !! After the work on the wheel was done they said even though it was under warranty I still had to pay for labour and a wheel alignment. It was over 4oo.oo.. i asked to see the service manager and a tall skinny fellow came punched stuff into the computer and told me that I had NEVER reported the problem with the wheel ! I asked for a discount and he said he couldn`t give me one. I then made the appointment for the transmission . Two weeks later I picked up my car after work , it was really sunny and I had the visor down , I parked in my garage and the next morning on my way to work I noticed the crack in the windshield as soon as I put the visor up. It started at the top and wound around the rear view mirror. I went down to Capital Dodge on my lunchbreak and spoke to very nasty individual named ADAM ELLIS . When I told him what happened he told me they were not responsible. When I started to tell him of my problems since I bought the LEMON he began yelling at me. I then asked for the New car manager I stood at the desk , while they paged him over and over . He never came. I went back to that horrible man to tell him this he was extermely beligerant and then sent me to the service manager . I can`t remember her name , she wasn`t there either. I left my phone number with the receptionist. She called me the next day and was not interested in helping me either. I told her I really don`t feel comfortable servicing my car at this dealership after the treatment I got from ADAM Ellis and the unsatisfactory service. She told me I was welcome to service my car elsewhere. .

I Spoke With

ADAM ELLIS and the female service manager. The New car manager never bothered to call .

What It Would Take to Resolve This

A brand new windshield , like the one I had and a sensitivity course for some of their service advisors

  1. Maude Duncan commented on this

    Oh ! How could I forget ! When I bought the car I had to take it back for detailing the next day and pick up the second key that had been misplaced . Unfortunately I left my garage door opener in the car . When I went to pick the car up the garage remote was gone and they still could not find the second key !! The salesman , Zach said it was no big deal they could cut me a second key . When I pointed out that my garage door opener is `` out there `` with a second key , Zach said `do you think we hire criminals `` Every morning I prayed my car was still in the garage . Zach was unable to locate the remote so I had to have a new Garage door opener installed at a cost of 300.00. He said he would split the cost with me but never returned any of my calls.

    Nov 25 2010
  2. Yvette commented on this

    I contacted Capital Chrysler Jeep Dodge and informed them of your gripe. Hopefully they’ll be in touch soon.



    Gripe Support Team

    Dec 13 2010
  3. Maude Duncan commented on this

    Capital Dodge just called me and are giving me a new windshield !! Yay !!!

    Dec 15 2010
  4. Maude Duncan marked this as resolved Dec 15 2010
  5. Maude Duncan commented on this

    thank you Yvette, You are my hero.

    Dec 15 2010
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