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Posted Nov 17 2010 via website

What Happened

Facebook has removed the fan page for an application that I built. The location was and it was a very active page with 10,000 monthly active page members and over 1 million applications sent.

Description of Application: Louise L. Hay Power Thoughts

Daily Affirmations... every thought you think and every word you speak is an affirmation. So why not choose to use only positive affirmations to create a new way of thinking, acting, and feeling? This is a great way to build a more rewarding life...."I know you can do it!"

1,127,387 applications have been sent so far .... so people really do like the application , however it was the fan page that was the most important because of the outstanding conversations that were created with thousands of active users.

Members should at least have the opportunity to decide if the page was relevant or not. It had very high result in multiple reviews.

I Spoke With

Facebook Gift Creator Fan Page

What It Would Take to Resolve This

Restore the Fan Page please.... The Page members truly Loved being apart of the page.

  1. Julienne Van Aardt commented on this

    It is a sad day indeed when the voices of the people are no longer heard...sounds to me like some governments I kwow...

    Nov 18 2010
  2. Julienne Van Aardt commented on this

    3465737 gifts were sent from my two applications...does it not say something??

    Nov 18 2010
  3. Marcia Kearl Johnson commented on this

    I really hope that facebook sees this ... because there were so many amazing people who were apart of the Fan Page.

    Everything that was posted there gave credit to the origin of the quote. It really was an amazing place to find Inspiration and join in the conversation of creating a Positive ..Self Directed life!

    Feb 15 2011
  4. Richard Robertson commented on this

    Did Facebook give any reason for dropping the page at all?

    May 29 2011
  5. Marcia Kearl Johnson commented on this

    @Richard, no they never even gave me a heads up when they removed the fan page.

    May 29 2011
  6. Richard Robertson commented on this

    @Marcia - How very odd. While I'm not able to see you page as you had it in detail, your description doesn't seem like anything that would violate their TOS in any degree.

    May 30 2011
  7. Alma Rubicóna commented on this

    i agree. doesn't seem to have violated their TOS

    Jun 1 2011
  8. Risa Steward commented on this

    I would love to check out your fanpage. What was the outcome. Sometimes when these companies get really big, they forget what it was like to start something. Not every one goes to Harvard. They did someting that the University didn't like and that's why we have Face book. It seems like there is a miscommunication. The Facebook people are really hard to get ahold of too.

    Feb 3 2012
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