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Posted Nov 15 2010 via website

What Happened

Bought an xoskeleton watch from ShopNBC, it was the last one in stock. It arrived with a sticking second hand so we shipped it to xowatch to have it repaired as it is under warranty and we couldn't get another from ShopNBC. hipped it to the address listed in the watch manual with signature confirmation. This was on October 4, 2010. It was signed for by M Fuwausa. I googled the name and this person is associated with Xowatch company. I haven't received my watch back after a month, so I sent a couple of emails to the company requesting a status update for the watch repair. They have not even bothered to reply to my polite inquiries.

I Spoke With

M Fuwausa signed for the package

What It Would Take to Resolve This

Contact me to tell me the status of my watch repair and then send me the watch back in working condition.

  1. Michelle Felstead Karatinos commented on this

    Today I received an email from Xoskeleton saying they are sending me a completely new watch! Hopefully the company will respond to letters and emails from other customers in a more timely fashion in the future. I will close this gripe as soon as I receive the watch. Thank you Gripe and Xoskeleton watch co.

    Nov 17 2010
  2. Yvette commented on this

    Hi Michelle,

    Glad to hear it is being taken care of! That's great news! Yes, that would be helpful if you could please mark this gripe as "resolved" once you receive the new watch. Thanks for using gripe!



    Gripe Customer Support

    Nov 18 2010
  3. Michelle Felstead Karatinos commented on this

    Watch was delivered today (finally) after being sent to the wrong address. Appears to be working well and I am happy with the outcome.

    Dec 1 2010
  4. Michelle Felstead Karatinos marked this as resolved Dec 1 2010
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