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Posted Nov 16 2010 via website

What Happened

We need The President and Congress to pass HR589 that would extend unemployment benefits an additional 14 weeks retroactively. Millions have been without money for a year now. Americans are losing homes and starving due to no fault of their own. The main reason these once hardworking individuals suffered job loss was because of outsourcing and the recession.Our government bails out banks and big business but not the people. If you treated a pet the way our government is treating these people(the unemployed) you would be locked up for animal cruelty.

I Spoke With

Many faxes, letters, and calls to Capitol Hill and media.

What It Would Take to Resolve This

The House needs to bring HR589 to the floor and passed, and then the Senate must do the same!

  1. Bill Maidens commented on this

    bill maidens shared this with 300 people ,who influence

    Nov 16 2010
  2. Yvonne Fitzner commented on this

    Yes, we are starving -- losing our homes, cars, savings, and our dignity. Thanksgiving 2010 is no feast for the unemployed.

    Nov 16 2010
  3. Paladinette UnemployedZealot commented on this

    Check this out GOP wants to strip Fed of ability to combat joblessness.

    Nov 16 2010
  4. Yvette commented on this

    I contacted The White House and informed them of your gripe. Hopefully they’ll be in touch soon!



    Gripe Support Team

    Nov 16 2010
  5. Donna Hoagland commented on this


    Nov 16 2010
  6. Courtney Henley-Anderson commented on this

    This needs IMMEDIATE attention! The Americans Want Work Act should have been the first order of business in this session! Hope the Dems are not so pissed off at the ingrates that lost them the majority that they no longer care about the American people because if so this is a losing strategy for them.

    Nov 16 2010
  7. Unemployed Workers commented on this

    Mr. President: be a man. Be a hero. Push for Tier 5. For your country.

    Nov 17 2010
  8. Marisa Estrada commented on this

    ok lets get it done

    Nov 17 2010
  9. scott mathewson commented on this

    This is a great idea. Good job Joy Hill.

    Nov 27 2010
  10. Joy Hill commented on this

    The new number for bill is HR589 and its stuck in Ways & Means Cmte . We need The House to bring it to the floor. The 99ers have grown in numbers but the problem the same. No help from our government.

    Feb 14 2011
  11. Sandy Monr commented on this

    HR589 must pass!

    Feb 14 2011
  12. Ana Paula Velez commented on this

    HR589 must pass we are all suffering !

    Feb 15 2011
  13. Red Dust commented on this

    Those who have exhausted unemployment insurance benefits, 99ers, and millions who did not qualify for (or who have lost) UI for unjust reasons, need critical help that cannot wait until businesses decide to hire. HR589 is one way to help millions and is massively needed.

    Feb 15 2011
  14. Red Dust commented on this

    Tens of Millions of unemployed, 99ers/unempoyment insurance exhaustees, need governmental support. Waiting until businesses begin to hire is waiting too long. Passage of HR589 is critical to the survival of millions of Americans.

    Feb 15 2011
  15. Sandy Monr commented on this

    #HR589 #99ers We need Aid too!

    Feb 15 2011
  16. Paladinette UnemployedZealot commented on this

    WOW Every 99er MUST Go to tonight's Twitter Chat #99erAid!!!!! 8 PM Eastern!!

    Feb 15 2011
  17. Gary Booker commented on this

    It's time for us to take back our lives from the abuse we have trustingly allowed. I'm fighting back by writing a book exposing all the evil that I suffered at the hands of INDUSTRY! I grew up thinking the world was about people, not about big business...silly, foolish me.

    Feb 15 2011
  18. G Smith commented on this

    This has got to be resolved and Fixed. HR589 is the new bill number and it's GOT to get to the floor and get passed. #99ers are AMERICAN'S and NEED HELP!!!

    Feb 15 2011
  19. Dawn Rayner commented on this


    Feb 15 2011
  20. Jean M. commented on this dont just retweet this, look at it and add a comment then retweet and share for count #99er

    Feb 16 2011
  21. Jean M. commented on this

    I am complaining about how the 99ers have been treated.

    Feb 16 2011
  22. Wayne Drescher commented on this #99er #99eraid_in #hr589 Millions of 99ers mean millions of votes! Get on board dems/Gop

    Feb 18 2011
  23. L G J commented on this dont just retweet this, look at it and add a comment then retweet and share for count #99er

    Feb 21 2011
  24. John Hand commented on this

    all of the states are tightening their belts When workers have less $$ to spend then businesses will suffer because the workers will buy fewer things. But pay freezes are preferable to layoffs

    There is only 1 job for every 5 unemployed persons, and 42% of all unemployed have been unemployed for over 6 months, with 21.9% unemployed for over 1 year.****

    IHS Global Insight predicts the total number of jobs in the U.S. won't return to pre-recession levels until 2013. And that doesn't account for the growth in the labor force.

    Feb 25 2011
  25. Michael Butler commented on this

    #HR589 must pass next round. No vote guaranteed. Out of touch, out of office.

    Feb 25 2011
  26. Chuck Renney commented on this

    We are the victims and need help!!!!!!

    Mar 4 2011
  27. Shawn Gaspar commented on this

    Salem NH

    Mar 4 2011
  28. Shawn Gaspar commented on this

    TierV or more weeks to Survive. Advocate for HR 589!

    Mar 4 2011
  29. PRD commented on this

    Hey Mr President and Con-gress, how about doing something for AMERICANS.

    Mar 8 2011
  30. Karen F commented on this

    @whitehouse GOP could steal @BarackObama thunder and help #99ers! #hr589 We still sharing info 8.6 mil ppl

    Mar 23 2011
  31. Karen F commented on this

    @whitehouse @BarackObama Save the day-look like a hero and help #99ers quickly! #hr589 We still sharing info 8.6 mil ppl

    Mar 23 2011
  32. Renee commented on this

    RT @BBJEAGLE: @SpeakerBoehner @NYTimeskrugman Not just #99ers that won't vote your party it's family & friends of all unemployed

    Apr 5 2011
  33. Rochelle Hurwitz Sevier commented on this

    The number of #unemployed 13.9m & number of #job openings is 2.8m. This gap surpasses Great Depression via EPI #99ers #HR589

    Apr 18 2011
  34. Rochelle Hurwitz Sevier commented on this

    GOP No Jobs Clock | House Democrats via @housedemocrats #wherearethejobs

    Apr 18 2011
  35. Rochelle Hurwitz Sevier commented on this

    Both President Obama and Congress has shown total disdain for the plight of the #99ers by not providing any solutions. How is someone supposed to look for work when they have no income because their benefits have been exhausted. There are currently 7 people for 1 job opening. So, #99ers are faced with no benefits and no jobs. There needs to be an emergency spending bill passed to help those from falling further into destitute. It is the moral and humane thing to do.

    Apr 18 2011
  36. Tony Setteducate commented on this

    I agree.

    Jun 6 2011
  37. Brenda R McFadden commented on this

    We still need to keep pounding the keyboard, calling, faxing...whatever it takes to at least keep in their faces. We can not quit.

    Jun 6 2011
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