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Posted Nov 12 2010 via website

What Happened


On Nov 1st I bought some furniture from Zgallery on 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica California costing $1865.60. I realized after getting home and measuring my doorway that it may not fit through the door when delivered. Zgallery has a 3 day refund policy. I called the store and spoke to the manager named Francisco and asked him if I could speak to the delivery company. He said that wasn't possible but he would have them call me. When the 3 days refund period was about to end on Nov. 4th and I hadn't heard from the delivery company I called the store spoke to Francisco the manager again and asked to cancel the order. He asked for my AMEX number again and proceeded to cancel the order, when it was done we hung up. He left me a message about an hr later that the delivery company says we have to see the furniture to see if we can deliver it through the opening of my doorway, which basically said nothing new and I had already cancelled the order and my $1865.60 was to be refunded in about 2 business days. Yesterday after 1 week I noticed that they have not refunded my $1860.65. I called the store and after being passed around to people who claimed they were the manager, I finally speak to Francisco. I asked why he didn't process the refund and he tries to tell me that some screen wasn't available and he didn't process the refund. I asked for an immediate refund and he said that wasn't possible because the furniture was now with the delivery company and Zgallery could not refund the $1860.65 until it was sent back to their warehouse which could take up to another 10 days. I insisted that that was highly unethical since they were responsible for no cancelling the order when I rightfully and according to their refund policy requested it. I also said that I would report them the BBB Gripe and post something on FB. He then agreed to do it and put me on hold. When he came back he said Zgallery agreed to refund my money by the end of the day and that he would call me back in 30 min. Here we are the next day. No phone calls from Francisco at the 3rd Street Promenade Store until now . No refund of my $1860.65.

Zgallery your service is terrible and for all the money you are charging, you owe people better service. In this economy you are risking a lot treating your customers poorly to this extend! Your business practices are substandard and I will never recommend anyone to you. A BIG THUMBS DOWN!

I Spoke With

Francisco (Store Mgr)

What It Would Take to Resolve This

Immediate refund, an apology and a promise to treat customers better!

  1. Ali Derakhshan commented on this

    Was just contacted by Christopher the customer service manager. He was apologetic and promised resolving this today!

    Nov 12 2010
  2. Ali Derakhshan commented on this

    had an email from Christopher Savic Manager of Customer Relations after the phone call promising that he will personally take care of this.

    Nov 12 2010
  3. Farhad Shah-Hosseini commented on this

    Give him his money back!!! NOW.

    Nov 13 2010
  4. Meshia Kegler commented on this

    I purchased Victoria Sleigh Bed from Zgallerie and a Borghese Mirrored Nightstand. When I checked my credit card bill they charges me for 2 night stands I called CS she gave me my money back on a gift card. REALLY big issue but since I like the store that's fine I would furnish my home in Zgallerie. I get the damn bed and nightstand the bed board DO NOT fit I ordered a King bed they sent CAL King. Which means I can not slepp on the damn bed. They send out a man to cut the rails is butt cut them too small. SO now I have to wait 5 weeks for new wood boards to come. In the mean time they say or we will compensate you but we won't tell you until you recieve the new rails. 11/18/2010 about 1 hour ago they sent the SAME RAILS WTF! I speak to a lady who tells me oooh take a picture and we will contact you in 24 hours! I won't my money back and I will report them to the BBB. I've been sleeping on the floor and or my sofa and this is STUPID! I mean yes 2k isn't a lot to some but I could have went to HAVERTY'S and had a good night SLEEP!

    Nov 18 2010
  5. Yvette commented on this

    Hello Ali,

    Have you heard anything more from Z-Gallerie? Is this gripe resolved? If so, please go ahead and mark it as "resolved." If not, I will happily process it as an unresolved gripe. Please just let me know.



    Gripe Customer Support

    Nov 19 2010
  6. Ali Derakhshan commented on this

    Z gallery finally refunded my money on 11/12/10.

    Nov 19 2010
  7. Ali Derakhshan marked this as resolved Nov 19 2010
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