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Posted Nov 12 2010 via website

What Happened

Could not sleep. Noisy location for a hotel. Metal scrap yard, which runs all night, on one side, freight train on the other, freeway on another side. Also, the heavy trucks haul their scrap throughout the night along a frontage road adjacent to the hotel/freeway. All night you hear the back up alarms from the vehicles transporting the metal scrap. The freight train blows the horn throughout the night, which sounds like it is literally in the parking lot. I was moved to 3 different rooms with no resolve. I asked to be relocated to Embassy Suites South and they said I could but would have to pay again for each night. The hotel shuttle to Disneyland is not convenient as they state. They leave the hotel when the park opens, which takes 20 min. to arrive, they then take a break from 1-5:30, depending on which location you're at. You must call one hour in advance for a shuttle reservation and if you miss the shuttle, the next will be in one hour. But don't miss the last shuttle b/c you're on your own.

I Spoke With

three different people at the front desk.

What It Would Take to Resolve This

I should be refunded or given full credit toward a future stay at an Embassy Suites of my choice.

  1. Georgia Wainswright commented on this

    Judging from your description of the locale for this particular hotel, I would surmise that most of the clientel were not there for Disneyland rides, dear. Be grateful for the scrap metal yard that drowned out the noises of God knows what.

    However, knowing how it is to be on a restricted budget and not being able to afford the hotel with waterfalls surrounded by soothing crickets, I would recommend turning the T.V. channel to a true crime solving program. The narrator usually has a very soothing voice that will have you sleeping in no time.

    Just grab the remote, firmly affixed to the night stand, and turn the volume UP.

    Oh, and hold on to your pepper spray.

    Nov 12 2010
  2. Yvette commented on this

    Hello Kari,

    That's great news! We're glad that you and the folks at Embassy Suites were able to reach a resolution. Since gripes which have been resolved become cheers, it would be great if you could please mark this gripe as resolved and briefly describe what happened [same description you wrote in your cheer] that led to the resolution. That way Embassy Suites will get credit for their responsiveness to your gripe. Thanks very much!



    Gripe Customer Support

    Nov 18 2010
  3. Kari Davenport commented on this

    I was given a full refund by Neville Henry at Embassy Suites Anaheim North. He phoned personally to apologize and initially offered me a future free 3 night stay at their hotel. I had to decline b/c the noise issue will still be there. He then offered to refund my money.

    Nov 19 2010
  4. Kari Davenport marked this as resolved Nov 19 2010
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