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Posted Nov 10 2010 via iPhone

What Happened

City Link were given an Amazon parcel to deliver to me under their expedited shipping option, the delivery date being today, Wednesday 10th November, between 07:30 and 17:30. I could see according to their tracking site that the goods arrived at my "local" depot in the early hours of the morning and were loaded for delivery at 08:32

Having paid for expedited shipping and fully expecting the goods to arrive today I worked at home and remained at the address for the whole duration of the delivery period. Calls to City Link resulted in listening to hold music despite the call centre allegedly being open until 8pm.

What It Would Take to Resolve This

Immediate delivery of my goods TODAY with an apology, and acknowledgement that they are in the wrong. They should also improve their scheduling and parcel tracking facilities. A 10 hour delivery window only for goods NOT to arrive is unacceptable.

  1. Andy Piper commented on this

    This ID has been submitted to City Link via their online form since they provide no other easy way to contact them.

    Nov 10 2010
  2. Andy Piper commented on this

    Goods delivered, late. No apology but at least they arrived on the correct day.

    Nov 10 2010
  3. Andy Piper marked this as resolved Nov 10 2010
  4. Catherine Helzerman commented on this

    Why was this categorized as a cheer and not a gripe? Do gripes change to cheers when there is a resolution?

    Apr 26 2011
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