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Posted Nov 10 2010 via iPhone

What Happened

Bought a virgin mobile phone and was disappointed in the charges applied when sending images to facebook or to an email address. I agree with the charge for the individual photo sent but not with the added charges for the layout design sent with the photo. The email arrives with 11 extra image files including a Virgin Mobile Canada logo. Each added image file, which I didn't agree to, is charged as an image file, thus raising my bill from $.50 per image to $6.00 per image.

This was never agreed upon and not stated in the contract, instruction manual, website, etc. I now do not send pictures, or messages to an email address as I charged 12 times more than the original charge.

I spoke with the customer service department to no solution. I wrote letters to the company, the telephone maker - virgin was blaming samsung for the issue - and to the Better Business Bureau. The problem was not resolved.

The mobile phone is a Samsung Impact.

  1. shelby commented on this

    I am guessing unsure you've taken all the steps I took to on request to being charged usually people do not send what you called or requested I most certainly care to be over charged on anything Im unsure to this site cause don't want to gripe

    Nov 10 2010
  2. Kim commented on this


    I contacted Virgin Mobile Canada and informed them of your gripe. Hopefully they'll be in touch soon!



    Gripe Support Team

    Dec 13 2010
  3. Jen McIntyre commented on this

    The issue has bee resolved. Thanks! Credit of $275.

    Dec 14 2010
  4. Jen McIntyre marked this as resolved Dec 14 2010
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