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Posted Oct 4 2010

What Happened

I spoke with: Salena Huck

What happened:

I rented a van from Avis... Took it camping for a week (burning man). Then, before returning the van, I had it detailed for $75 so it would be newer than new (including an extra charge to wash the engine). I did this preemptive cleaning because I had heard that these rental car companies like to take advantage of burners returning from the burning man festival by charging an extra fee of $150+ for cleaning upon return.

They justify this surcharge by doing an extra-careful inspection upon return and then citing any dirt or dust as a need for a full expensive detail of the whole car on the customer's dime.

Well, i was determined not to be slapped with this, so i had the van fully detailed before return and therefore it passed a full detailed inspection (including under the hood) with flying colors (as you can see from the attached return receipt)

Then, a full month later, I get a letter in the mail from Avis that they have charged my credit card an additonal $149.20 for "soilage to our Smoke-Free fleet." Saying that I was responsible for returning the car to meet their standards for the next rental.

This is total BS. Because, I did return the car in perfect condition, met the Avis inspector's careful inspection and, by his standards, was good enough to walk out with zero extra charges.

Anyway, I don't usually like to complain but this type of systematic abuse by companies bugs me so I thought I should let everyone know!!

What it would take to resolve this:

I want an apology and the extra charge of $149.20 refunded, before I call the credit card company and reverse the charges!!

  1. Kai Gradert commented on this

    Wow, this is totally screwed up. Sharing further to help you get this resolved.

    Oct 4 2010
  2. Farhad Mohit commented on this

    thanks guys for your help... I left Selena Huck a message, but haven't heard back yet!

    Oct 4 2010
  3. Michael Payman Kade-Esq commented on this

    More and more companies and even the states now are coming up with BS charges and most people just go along...I'm glad you're fighting this. Need me :)

    Oct 6 2010
  4. Maggie Mahkameh Kharrazi commented on this

    Avis should be investigated for this and if they have done this (and I am sure they have) to other customers, this calls for a class action.

    Oct 6 2010
  5. Brian Paya commented on this

    This is the kind of systemic abuse that Verizon is paying for and most Hotels are guilty of . . . In fact, the systemic nickle and dimming of the public is the corporate America's single largest source of revenue without capital expenditure of any kind. I encourage everyone to be vigilant and use this forum to illuminate this kind of chicanery.

    Oct 6 2010
  6. Paymon Darmian commented on this

    I am very new at this. So I would like to start this venture with a beautiful poem from Saadi:

    Human being are members of a whole,

    In creation of one essence and soul.

    If one member is afflicted with pain,

    Other members uneasy will remain.

    If you've no sympathy for human pain,

    The name of human you cannot retain!

    Oct 15 2010
  7. Farhad Mohit commented on this

    Thanks everyone... Selena Huck has contacted me... now she's going back to take a look and see what she can do for me! Let's see what happens!

    Oct 21 2010
  8. Farhad Mohit commented on this

    Still has not gotten back to me... Thanks for your support!!

    Oct 29 2010
  9. Ed Stapleton commented on this


    Nov 3 2010
  10. Farhad Mohit commented on this

    No further development... They totally screwed me.

    Feb 14 2011
  11. Michael Payman Kade-Esq commented on this

    They are nuts

    Feb 15 2011
  12. Kai Gradert commented on this

    AVIS in Kansas is doing the right thing … "Tena Klamm contacted me via email. She heard about my issues through Gripe, and is mailing a $35 coupon for future use. All I wanted was to be heard, and through Gripe, I have been. Thank you Avis, and thank you Gripe!" http://www.gri.pe/3503007

    Mar 24 2011
  13. Paymon Darmian commented on this

    Indeed the Best Exposure is the Word of Mouth!

    With the New "Global Village" and dissemination of information widely available to people, the illusory Time and Space distinctions created by inadequacies of our senses and manipulated by the few are taking a different dimension. Human evolution has become more palpable… Corporate responsibilities are becoming more of a requirement in today’s connected world rather than being used in catchy and hit one liners in their advertising… Collective bargaining power is becoming the order of the day!

    Go Gripe Go!

    Mar 24 2011
  14. Arnon de Mello commented on this

    not cool!

    Jun 14 2011
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