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  • “…they rebooked the tickets for the next day.” Cheers to Continental Airlines for resolving a gripe by Prashanth K Srinivasan
  • “I received an apology and an explanation…” Cheers to Steve Marshall Ford Lincoln for resolving a gripe by Fergus Gibson
  • “The executive service rep was able to submit my rebate for me and ensure that I get a check rather than a debit card…” Cheers to Staples for resolving a gripe by Dan Svenson
  • “Watch was delivered today … Appears to be working well and I am happy with the outcome.” Cheers to XOSkeleton for resolving a gripe by Michelle Felstead Karatinos
  • “A surprising and very prompt response showed that they were listening and cared about the service delivery in their restaurants.” Cheers to Strada for resolving a gripe by Richard Huntington
  • “New replacement mattress delivered, old one taken away. I consider the matter resolved!” Cheers to Ortho Mattress for resolving a gripe by Ben Weiss
  • “I got the check today! The pain is over.” Cheers to BMW for resolving a gripe by Christophe Louvion
  • “Burton FedEx'd the coat to us today and all is great. Thank you Burton for coming through!” Cheers to Burton for resolving a gripe by Scott Jamieson
  • “Chase has credited the missing funds back into the account.” Cheers to Chase for resolving a gripe by Jane Simon
  • “Z gallery finally refunded my money…” Cheers to Z Gallerie for resolving a gripe by Ali Derakhshan
  • “The issue has bee resolved. Thanks! Credit of $275.” Cheers to Virgin Mobile for resolving a gripe by Jen McIntyre
  • “This could have happened before NYPD, and Gripe. I hope no one will have to go through the same thing in the future.” Cheers to Tuck It Away Self-Storage for resolving a gripe by Ayla Kalani
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